B Settecento was born from the union of three key words: design, quality and commercial appeal. A trousers collection as expression of style, creativity and Italian production talent.

Many years of research, experience and success. B Settecento has over 35 years solid entrepreneurial business. Our brand is the result of this story, a brand that is establishing itself in the male smart casual landscape, finding the interest of fans and of the world’s leading fashion markets.

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Suitable trousers for all the different needs and occasions of the contemporary man, but even capsule collections of jackets and coats, to answer at the requests of a public that desires a casual elegance, sometimes dandy, but always revisited and updated.

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Zona Asi loc. Pascarola / Caivano Condominio Igea / Bsettecento 80023 Caivano (NA) info@bsettecento.com

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