We manufacture men's trousers
strictly made in Italy.

The name, but even the brands’s attitude, are inspired to the neapolitan eighteenth-century, illuminated period made of progress, splendor and beauty. Aside at this valory luggage, there is all the strength of an imprenditorial and commercial group with over 30 years of experience in the fashion field.
B Settecento thereby positions itself as a young company, with solid shoulders and a revenue in constant growth. A successful brand that, had the luck to be born in the fertile contest of the neapolitan textile district and, on the other side, the ability to focus it’s own business on three winning points: creativity of the proposals, quality of the product and attention for the client.


Creative and original design.

Selection of quality materials and deep attention to everything related to the service. BSettecento is a modern brand that responds in a clear and authentic way to the wishes of the market and chooses sales channels in which customer care is still an essential value.


Where can I buy BSettecento products?


Our products

Strong of numerous years of research, experiments and success, B Settecento’s garments are created to represent the stylistic excellence,the inspiration and the italian productive talent.
Suitable trousers for all the different needs and occasions of the contemporary man, but even capsule collections of jackets and coats, to answer at the requests of a public that desires a casual elegance, sometimes dandy, but always revisited and updated.